Physical Education

Be Your Best Services is open to offering physical education services in many different locations in Sahuarita, Green Valley, and other nearby communities. Currently, we have been approved by Sahuarita Parks and Recreation to offer our physical education services at any local park within the Sahuarita Parks and Recreation jurisdiction. Physical education classes may last 45 to 90 minutes, depending on what best suits our students and their families. Keep in mind we will be watching the Arizona heat regularly; high temperatures may necessitate more limited hours. Naturally, you will have more options to choose from come fall and winter.

P.E. Classes Currently Scheduled

  • Mondays: 10:20am-11:20am @ N. Santa Cruz Park, Students 4-16 yrs old, (Open to more kids).
  • Mondays: 3:15pm-4:15 pm @ Anamax Park (Open to more kids ages 13-18)
  • Fridays: 8:00am-9:00am @ Anamax Park, Students 8-12 yrs old (Open to more kids)
  • Fridays: 9:15am-10:00am @ Anamax Park, Students 4-6 yrs old (Open to more kids)
  • Potential new class on Fridays: 10:15-11:00am @ Anamax Park children 2-6 yrs old (Parents have expressed interest in doing this class, we just need about 4 or 5 more kids to start this class).  

Other Availability

  • Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday morning from 8-11am 
  • Wednesday morning from 8-10 am 
  • Friday morning from 10:30am-12pm
  • I am open to doing other classes at Anamax, North Santa Cruz Park in Rancho, Parque Los Arroyos, and Quail Creek Park.
  • If you would like to make any requests for P.E. classes near you feel free to do so in the comment section.

Why we are providing P.E. services.

Any parent knows that children need a physical outlet! Perhaps, just as much, or even more for the parent's benefit than their child's. Parents who have been homeschooling their kids don't need to miss out on the most important subject in aiding their children's physical development, not to mention the emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual benefits that can be maximized through a recreational therapist. While this is the first year that Be Your Best Services will be providing physical education, I am confident in my ability to provide physical education that is engaging, fun, and emotionally and physically safe. I have been facilitating, observing, and supervising exercise groups in mental health settings for more than 8 years. Some of those groups have been traditional and nontraditional exercise groups, including weightlifting, jogging, running, cycling, bicycling, volleyball, basketball, hiking, yoga, Thai chi, dodgeball, Pilates, dancing, and infection! I understand the risks and rewards of providing these services and I am passionate in teaching and helping others familiarize themselves with the vast array of ways to experience the benefits physical activity offers. With my background as a recreational therapist, I have customized treatment programs for many years. I intend to use that to help my physical education students to participate in a manner that honors their interests, strengths, abilities, and limitations.  I love working with people from all ages and backgrounds and I understand that each person is unique with different strengths and personalities. I will do my best to nurture, encourage, and connect with your child(ren) in a way that supports their development, growth, and learning. 

Accommodating the Needs and Interests of our Students and their Families

We want to make physical education smooth for the families of our students. We understand that everyone has preferences that fit their families schedules, needs, interests, budget, and personal beliefs. We will do our best to accommodate your requests for specific activities, locations, days, times, group preferences, friend groups, family only groups, group sizes, group ages, food allergies, and so forth. We believe that accommodating your needs and interests will enhance the value of our services by increasing your children's engagement, learning, and satisfaction in our physical education classes. For those of you who do not have many specific requests, we will try to place your children with students of similar ages, abilities, and interests.  We received approval for being an ESA vendor in Arizona to reduce or eliminate any out of pocket costs associated with receiving our services.  We most recently received approval from Sahuarita Parks and Recreation for granting us the ability to use and reserve fields at the parks in Sahuarita/Green Valley.

Preventing Physical and Emotional Harm

Students of Be Your Best Services are guided into warm up and cool down exercises that prepares them for starting and ending their conditioning exercises, kind of like an on-ramp prepares a driver for entering the highway and an off-ramp prepares a driver for leaving the highway. These are best practices for many exercise programs and further assist individuals to establish healthy and safe habits for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, on a daily basis we will review inherent physical and emotional risks and outline participant expectations in order to prepare our students to participate in each sport or physical activity of the day. We will have a first aid kit, water, food items, and safety protocols in case accidents or health concerns present themselves.  

Any classes you are interested in joining, other questions, or requests?

Place them below in our "Add comment" section.

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Jordan Gillette
9 months ago

Hi Camille and Sara, some of the parents have expressed interest in making the class larger and helping if needed, so if both of you would like to join the Friday class the door is open. Give me a call if you have any questions.

Camille Dille
9 months ago

Hi Jordan! I'd like to inquire about PE classes for my 4yo and my 8yo with Downs Syndrome who would be most comfortable in your youngest class with his 4yo sister. I can stay and help. Currently, Friday is the only day we are available, but next week we may be available every day. How should I stay apprised of any new openings?

JG Jordan Gillette
10 months ago

Hi Sara, I am sorry to inform you that the class at Anamax Friday mornings is currently full. I can let you know when there is any other days that we start up. Feel free to respond if another day, time, or place works for you. Thanks

10 months ago

Looking to enroll my 4 year old in the Friday am class at Anamex

Jordan Gillette
a year ago

Hi Christina, Thanks for reaching out. Glad I was able to reach you Saturday. For anyone else, I will have a sign in sheet the day of the free class for those who want their children to attend. If you want me to send the forms for registering for class then reach out to my email. Thanks!

a year ago

I would like to register my two daughters 10 & 11
And my son who is 5 pls what do I have to do ?